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The 2012 Canadian Swine Health Forum was recently held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Contributed to its success over 175 people who brought together producers, veterinarians, researchers, academics, civil servants and agro-dealers. Participants expressed their appreciation for the information presented, as well as the many networking opportunities offered at the Forum.

This was the fourth annual Canadian Swine Health Forum hosted by the Canadian Swine Health Council (CPSC) and specifically addressing swine health issues. Presentations covered research into emerging diseases, biosecurity on-farm and elsewhere, swine health surveillance and emergency response preparedness, including their positive impact on the industry in terms of reduced costs and enhanced market access.

Again this year, an influenza vaccination clinic was held in conjunction with the Forum, to make it easier for participants to obtain their seasonal influenza vaccine. Participation this year was higher than ever, and attendees supported the clinic as a simple way to further improve the health of the Canadian pig herd.

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