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Project title

Development of a research program by PigGen Canada on swine genetics and health.

Project summary

The genetic aspects of swine health and disease resistance have been recognized as important instruments in the overall strategy for swine health in Canada. This project will confirm the review of on-going swine health and genetics projects by associate researchers in Canada and identify areas to focus on, specific objectives, and how to structure and fund more targeted research. scale and a development project.

This project will bring together a small group of Canadian and international experts as well as PigGen Canada and PSAB staff for a one or two day workshop to develop specific objectives, structures and plans for the research project. The aim of this approach is to clearly define the achievable objectives, structure and activities of a larger project. PigGen Canada and PSAB will work jointly to secure additional funds required for the implementation and completion of the proposed program. This approach is necessary to focus resources on pig health genetics due to the high collection of health phenotypes demanded by large animal populations and the expense incurred by the use of genomic instruments like the 60K SNP chip. 

This project will provide a clear direction and plan for future swine health and genetics research activities in Canada.

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